Team Documents

Here you will find all of the public documents for the UA NASA Robotic Mining Competition Team. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in our contact form.


Our constitution is the governing document for the team. It outlines the team's purpose, structure, and rules. The constitution is updated annually and is approved by the team members.
The latest version of the constitution is readable to the left, but previous versions are available for download below.

Previous Versions

No previous versions at this time.

Competition Documents

Competition Guidelines

These documents are provided by NASA and outline the rules and regulations for the competition. They are updated annually and are the official rules for the competition.
The a version of the competition documents is readable to the left as of 2023, but the most recent version is available on the Nasa website.

Simulant Information

This is the specifications for the LHS-1 Lunar Simulant that is used in the competition. Critical information such as density, compaction, and angle of repose are included in this document. Consult the competition guidelines for the most up-to-date information on which simulant to use as a reference.