This year [2023-2024], we helped out with a variety of outreach events, including:

  • Make a Difference Day
  • Firestone High School VEX VRC Competition
  • B-STEM Club Electronics Experiment
  • Kids Career Day

To get up to date information about upcoming events goto our upcoming events page.

Make a Difference Day

RePlay for kids is an amazing non-profit that repairs electronic toys for children. They specialize in making adaptive toys for kids with motor disabilities.

Lane working on a toy car
Team members working on toys.

To help Replay this year, we modified toys to add an easy-to-actuate button into the circuit. The button is connected to a 3.5mm audio jack, which is plugged into the toy. Replay makes their own buttons by 3d printing the housing and soldering the wires to the audio jack. The large button makes it easy for kids with motor disabilities to activate the toy. Replay then distributes the toys to kids in need. They have said that the children love the independence that comes from being able to play with their toys be themselves!

Firestone Vex Robotics Competition

Vex Robotics is a competition for middle and high school students. The students build robots to compete in a game. This year, the game was called Over Under. The robots must score tri-balls under a net, as well as climb a structure for end-game.

Our Roles

Our team was split throughout the different roles of the competition. We had a few people who were score-keepers, a few who were queue tables, and a few who were judges. Firestone High School also let us set up a table to show off our robot and talk to the students about our team.

Group in-front of table

B-STEM Club Electronics Experiment


The B-STEM club is a group of students from in Akron who are interested in STEM. We went to their school to help teach them about electronics, and how to solder circuits. We helped them put together a simple circuit that they could take home and use.

Kids Career Day

The team went to a local elementary school to talk to the kids about what we do in engineering and robotics. We talked about careers related to engineering, and how they can get involved in STEM. We also showed them how to make their own vibratory-movement robots at home and trace their paths over paper with markers.

Kids with robots
mark robots on a table.